French Fashion Awards Categories

Haute Couture

HC24001 Avant-garde Couture

HC24002 Bridal Couture

HC24003 Children's Couture

HC24004 Couture Bridal Accessories

HC24005 Couture Footwear

HC24006 Couture Outerwear

HC24007 Costume and Cosplay Design

HC24008 Eco-Friendly Couture

HC24009 Ethnic Clothing

HC24010 Evening Gowns

HC24011 Festive

HC24012 Futuristic Couture

HC24013 Haute Couture Accessories

HC24014 Haute Couture Lingerie

HC24015 Historical Reproduction Couture

HC24016 Limited Edition

HC24017 Luxury

HC24018 Men

HC24019 Organic Couture

HC24020 Red Carpet Couture

HC24021 Sculptural Couture

HC24022 Surreal Couture

HC24023 Sustainable Couture

HC24024 Traditional Couture

HC24025 Women

HC24000 Haute Couture Design / Other___


RW24001 Athleisure Wear

RW24002 Business Attire

RW24003 Beach and Resort Wear

RW24004 Bohemian Fashion

RW24005 Casual Wear

RW24006 Baby and Children's Apparel

RW24007 Cultural and Ethnic Appare

RW24008 Daywear

RW24009 Evening Wear

RW24010 Formal Wear

RW24011 Gender-neutral Fashion

RW24012 Lingerie and Intimate Apparel

RW24013 Maternity Wear

RW24014 Minimalist Fashion

RW24015 Men's Apparel

RW24016 Non-binary Fashion

RW24017 Pet Apparel and Accessories

RW24018 Petite Fashion

RW24019 Plus Size Fashion

RW24020 Punk and Alternative Fashion

RW24021 Rainwear Design

RW24022 Senior's Fashion

RW24023 Sleepwear and Loungewear

RW24024 Sportswear

RW24025 Streetwear

RW24026 Unisex Fashion

RW24027 Vintage Inspired

RW24028 Women's Apparel

RW24029 Underwear

RW24030 Uniform and Workwear Design

RW24000 Ready-to-Wear Design / Other___


AC24001 Backpacks

AC24002 Bags

AC24003 Belts and Buckles

AC24004 Clutches

AC24005 Digital & Electronic Devices

AC24006 Fashion Face Mask

AC24007 Gadgets

AC24008 Glasses and Eyewear Accessories

AC24009 Gloves & Mittens

AC24010 Hair Accessories

AC24011 Handbag & Purses

AC24012 Hats and Caps

AC24013 High Heels

AC24014 Hobby & Leisure

AC24015 Jewellery

AC24016 Lifestyle

AC24017 Luggage

AC24018 Scarves and Shawls

AC24019 Sunglasses

AC24020 Suspenders and Braces

AC24021 Tech Wearables

AC24022 Ties and Bowties

AC24023 Travel Accessories

AC24024 Wallets

AC24025 Watches

AC24000 Accessories Design / Other___


FW24001 Basketball

FW24002 Boots

FW24003 Casual Shoes

FW24004 Children

FW24005 Dress Shoes

FW24006 Football / Rugby

FW24007 Footwear Innovation

FW24008 High Heels

FW24009 Hiking Shoes

FW24010 Indoor Sports

FW24011 Kids Fashion

FW24012 Men's Fashion

FW24013 Natural Material

FW24014 Outdoor Sports

FW24015 Recycled Material

FW24016 Running

FW24017 Sandals and Slippers

FW24018 Sneakers

FW24019 Sports

FW24020 Summer Sports

FW24021 Unisex Fashion

FW24022 Winter Sports

FW24023 Women's Fashion

FW24000 Footwear Design / Other___

Advertising & Marketing

AD24001 Advertising Campaign

AD24002 Banner / Sign

AD24003 Billboards

AD24004 Digital Online Campaign

AD24005 In-Store

AD24006 Kiosk

AD24007 Magazine Ads

AD24008 Online Ads

AD24009 Poster

AD24010 Rich Media

AD24011 Social Media Marketing

AD24012 Trade Show / Exhibit

AD24013 Transit / Airport / Kiosk

AD24014 Video

AD24015 Website

AD24000 Advertising & Marketing / Other___


SP24001 Athleisure Wear

SP24002 Athletic Accessories

SP24003 Children's Apparel

SP24004 Combat Sports

SP24005 Compression Sportswear

SP24006 Cycling Apparel

SP24007 E-Sport

SP24008 Extreme Sports Apparel

SP24009 Gym and Workout Wear

SP24010 Motorized Sports

SP24011 Outdoor Sports

SP24012 Performance Activewear

SP24013 Running Gear

SP24014 Snowsports

SP24015 Sport Gadget

SP24016 Stage and Dance Wear

SP24017 Strength Training

SP24018 Summer Sports

SP24019 Swimwear and Beach Active Wear

SP24020 Team Sports Uniforms

SP24021 Walking & Running

SP24022 Watersports

SP24023 Winter Sports

SP24024 Yoga and Pilates Apparel

SP24000 Sportswear Design / Other___

Fashion Icon

FI24001 Best Fashion Accessories Designer

FI24002 Best Fashion Artist

FI24003 Best Fashion Brand

FI24004 Best Fashion Campaign

FI24005 Best Fashion Designer

FI24006 Best Fashion Educator

FI24007 Best Fashion Entrepreneur

FI24008 Best Fashion Influencer

FI24009 Best Fashion Innovator / Technologist

FI24010 Best Fashion Journalist / Editor

FI24011 Best Fashion Magazine

FI24012 Best Fashion Makeup / Hairstylist

FI24013 Best Fashion Model

FI24014 Best Fashion Philanthropist

FI24015 Best Fashion Photographer

FI24016 Best Fashion PR/Marketing Professional

FI24017 Best Fashion Retailer

FI24018 Best Fashion Show

FI24019 Best Fashion Stylist

FI24020 Best Fashion Sustainability Advocate

FI24000 Best Fashion Icon / Other___

Rising Design Stars

RS24001 Accessories Design

RS24002 Avant-Garde Fashion

RS24003 Children's Wear Design

RS24004 Costume Design

RS24005 Fashion Communication and Visual Merchandising

RS24006 Fashion Design

RS24007 Fashion Illustration

RS24008 Fashion Portfolio

RS24009 Fashion Show

RS24010 Fashion Styling

RS24011 Film and Video

RS24012 Footwear Design

RS24013 History and Research

RS24014 Journalism and Writing

RS24015 Knitwear Design

RS24016 Marketing Campaign

RS24017 Social Media and Blogging

RS24018 Sustainable Fashion

RS24019 Technology and Wearables

RS24020 Undergraduate and Graduate Collections

RS24000 Rising Design Stars / Other__