The French Fashion Awards pridefully presents its Ready-to-Wear category. This is where practicality weaves together with creativity, where everyday fashion is transformed into extraordinary style statements. In this sphere, designers craft collections that blend wearability with innovation, making fashion accessible and relevant to daily life.

At the French Fashion Awards, we celebrate the designers who bring a touch of the extraordinary to everyday apparel. These creators set the trends that dominate wardrobes around the world, where the everyday becomes exceptional. It's a celebration of fashion that is as much about liveability as it is about style.

Ready-to-Wear Categories

RW24001. Athleisure Wear
RW24002. Business Attire
RW24003. Beach and Resort Wear
RW24004. Bohemian Fashion
RW24005. Casual Wear
RW24006. Baby and Children's Apparel
RW24007. Cultural and Ethnic Appare
RW24008. Daywear
RW24009. Evening Wear
RW24010. Formal Wear
RW24011. Gender-neutral Fashion
RW24012. Lingerie and Intimate Apparel
RW24013. Maternity Wear
RW24014. Minimalist Fashion
RW24015. Men's Apparel
RW24016. Non-binary Fashion
RW24017. Pet Apparel and Accessories
RW24018. Petite Fashion
RW24019. Plus Size Fashion
RW24020. Punk and Alternative Fashion
RW24021. Rainwear Design
RW24022. Senior's Fashion
RW24023. Sleepwear and Loungewear
RW24024. Sportswear
RW24025. Streetwear
RW24026. Unisex Fashion
RW24027. Vintage Inspired
RW24028. Women's Apparel
RW24029. Underwear
RW24030. Uniform and Workwear Design
RW24000. Ready-to-Wear Design / Other___

Deadlines & Fees

The French Fashion Awards invites designers at every stage of their creative process. Whether your designs are still in the conceptual phase, a work in progress, or fully realised masterpieces, they deserve a spot in the competition. In the award, each entry stands on its own merits – jurors evaluate individual pieces rather than entire portfolios. This approach underscores the significance of each submission, encouraging thoughtful and deliberate entry selection.

In a commitment to promoting financial inclusivity within the fashion community, the French Fashion Awards has established an affordable entry system. An annual administrative fee of $30 will be charged only for the first entry of the entire competition year to cover essential costs such as printing, mailing, and data management. This flat fee ensures that all participants, regardless of the number of entries submitted, bear the same reasonable cost, offering exceptional value, especially for those submitting multiple designs.

Entry Period
Early Bird
(21 Mar - 16 Apr 2024)
(17 Apr - 22 May 2024)
(23 May - 26 Jun 2024)
Final Extension
(27 Jun - 23 Jul 2024)
1st Entry
$199 $209 $229 $239
Additional Entry
$199 $209 $229 $239
Additional Category*
$139 $149 $169 $179
1st Entry
$70 $80 $90 $100
Additional Entry
$70 $80 $90 $100
Additional Category*
$40 $50 $60 $70
Results Announcement: 12 Sep 2024

* You may submit an entry into multiple categories at the same time. The first Category will be charged as per the original submission fee. Additional categories (2 or more) will be charged as such.

* Fees are non-refundable. Withdrawn entries (whether withdrawn by entrant, or by the French Fashion Awards for entrant's failure to comply with the entry rules) will NOT be refunded.

Work submitted must have been created after 1 January 2020.

Winner's Benefits

Benefits / Winning Level Special Recognition
of the Year
2024 Maia Statuette YES - - -
Exclusive “Special Recognition of the Year” Certification YES - - -
Seasonal Features on Winners Highlight Section YES - - -
Listed in Official Winner Press Release YES - - -
Priority Features on French Fashion Awards e-Newsletter YES - - -
Spotlighted Winner Article on Media Partner Site – Muse.World YES YES - -
Dedicated Social Media Posts YES YES YES -
Access to Marketing & Promotional Materials YES YES YES YES
Exclusive Access to Winner’s Interview YES YES YES YES
Dedicated Winner’s Profile / Page YES YES YES YES
Eligible to Purchase Maia Statuette YES YES YES YES
Winner Certificate YES YES YES YES
Digital Winner Badge YES YES YES YES

[ - ] Not Available

Submission Details

Submit your entry online in FOUR easy steps:


Sign up French Fashion Awards for international design competition

Tap the "My Account" button to register your username and password. If you are already a member, tap "Log In."


French Fashion Awards Entry Submission

Complete the short online entry form. Don't forget you can enter each work in more than one category.


Upload French Design Entry Files

Upload your entry* to the system.


Checkout French Design Entry

Click “Checkout” to process your entry fees.

* File Limits; Up to 10 files in in JPEG/PNG and/or PDF can be uploaded per entry. For a smooth uploading process, please ensure images are formatted as JPEG/PNG, 1000px, and no larger than 4MB. Please save PDFs in "Screen View", limited to 6 pages per entry, or 4MB in size.

* Entries must be comprehensive and detailed, capturing the essence of your fashion design. For instance, submissions should encompass mood boards for conceptual context, detailed sketches from multiple angles of the garment, and photographs showcasing the piece in various settings. For collections, include lookbook images or a digital showcase. For redesigns or upcycled projects, provide "before and after" visuals to highlight the transformation.

* Submissions can be entered as concepts, completed, or works in process. Completed projects may not be older than five years.

* Limit written descriptions of your project to 350 words or less.